Welcome to Birbcam!

Birbcam is a live stream of the bird feeder in my garden in the Western Cape of South Africa. I stream during UTC+2 daytime hours, usually 8am to 5pm. Scroll down for a helpful birb ID list!

Are you watching Birbcam? Fill in this survey to help me collect data on which birds are most active at which times of day!

Birbcam uses a Hikvision DS-U18 4K UHD webcam running through OBS. Food includes mixed grain wild garden bird seed, suet balls, suet slabs, and nectar. Hosting is through Greenhost, zero CO2 emissions sustainable web hosting. Site built using Grav.

Contact me on Mastodon at @WelshPixie. Donations for bird food welcome at Ko-Fi or PayPal; a box of six big seed bells costs $25, 10kg of good quality bird seed is $20, 10kg of cheaper bird seed is $8, 2kg of shelled peanuts is $10.

  • Cape Sparrow

    Passer melanurus

    Red-brown wings and a distinct white C on the head

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  • House Sparrow

    Passer domesticus

    Black throat, stripy patterned wings

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  • Cape White-Eye

    Zosterops virens

    Small green-yellow with a white eye ring

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  • Cape Weaver

    Ploceus capensis

    Bright yellow with a pale eye.

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  • Southern Masked Weaver

    Ploceus velatus

    Bright yellow with a black mask and red eyes.

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  • Dogbirb

    Doggus foolicus

    Fool dog rolling around on the grass

  • Laughing Dove

    Streptopelia senegalensis

    Small dove with grey-pink feathers

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  • Speckled Pigeon

    Columba guinea

    Large pigeon with russet white-speckled wings and a red eye patch

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  • Cape Turtle Dove

    Streptopelia capicola

    Grey with a black band on the neck

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  • European Starling

    Sturnus vulgaris

    Iridescent black-purple with a yellow beak

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  • Southern Double-Collared Sunbird

    Urocolius indicus

    Cinnyris chalybeus

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  • Acacia Pied Barbet

    Tricholaema leucomelas

    Black and white with a red patch on the forehead

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  • Cape Bulbul

    Pycnonotus capensis

    Larger grey-green with a white eye and yellow rump

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  • Helmeted Guineafowl

    Numida meleagris

    Large black-grey with white spots and a blue head

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  • Hadeda Ibis

    Bostrychia hagedash

    Big grey bird with iridescent feathers and a long beak

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  • Red-Faced Mousebird

    Urocolius indicus

    Grey with a red eye mask and crest

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  • White-Backed Mousebird

    Colius colius

    Grey with a crest, long tail

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  • Cape Wagtail

    Motacilla capensis

    Grey with a black neck V and long tail

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  • Pin-Tailed Whydah

    Vidua macroura

    Male is black and white with a long tail, female brown with bright red beak

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  • Male Pin-Tailed Whydah

    Vidua macroura

    Male is black and white with a long tail, female brown with bright red beak

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  • Southern Red Bishop

    Euplectes Orix

    Breeding male is bright red and black, female is brown with short tail and light eyebrow stripe

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  • Rock Pigeon

    Columba livia

    Pale grey with dark wing stripes, or mottled grey/white, or white/beige

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  • Chimbley Birb

    Lopoli chimblicus birbus

    A strange metal birb that watches over us from the rooftops

  • Common Waxbill

    Estrilda astrild

    Tiny finch with short wings, a red bill, red eye stripe.

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